Hina Ahmed, UC Berkeley Political Economics Student

She constantly craves melon bread with a green tea latte. Her closest is stock piled with basic t-shirts from Uniqlo and she has finally found a shampoo brand that can tame her unruly hair: Tsubaki. It is only recently however, that she can access these products in the United States. Fortunately for Hina, her favorite Japanese products are finally finding their way into the US market.

Green Tea Lattes – Because sometimes one just isn’t enough.

Hina Ahmed is a 3rd year UC Berkeley double major in Political Economics and Japanese. Her intention is to focus her education on globalization and trade in one of the most rapidly growing regions of the modern world – East Asia. Through her travels to the region and her extensive course selections, she has worked to immerse herself with the culture and experience necessary offer a deeper perspective on what goes beyond the technical statistics and calculated impacts of trade. Her career ambition is to contribute to the expansion of Asian business models into the American Market, however her personal ambition is to increase the appreciation for what the Asian culture has to offer to the Western World. Hina grew up in a very nontraditional home – her mother Japanese and her father Pakistani. Both her parents fled their homeland and immigrated to the United States in their 20s with little knowledge of the English language but fully ambitious to escape the lifestyles and culture they did not see fit for them back home. Because of their courage, struggles, and determination, she has gained an appreciation for exploring the dynamics of foreign relations in the culturally vibrant world around her. She hopes to be able to share some of those experiences with you.