Two Large Japanese Corporations Announce their plan to become Multinational


Softbank Store (Photograph courtesy of [puamelia]/flickr)

Rakuten Inc. and Softbank Corp – two very different but equally large and successful companies but have both announced at the same time that they are ambitious to expand into foreign markets. The Modern Tokyo Times posted an article called “Rakuten and Softbank aiming to expand in New Markets” on their current ambitions and strategies.

Rakuten Inc. is someone reminiscent of amazon in that it is a Japanese version of an online mall.  It has recently accounced that is looking to expand into Australia and India. Their CEO Hiroshi Mikitani stated that his ambition is to have 70 percent of sales outside the domestic market by 2020. One unique angle they are testing is an investment in Pinterest.

Softbank Corp (ソフトバンク株式会社) is a Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation, comparable to AT&T in the US. Masayoshi Son, the founder and current CEO of Softbank is looking for a different capital approach and is currently negotiating with three Japanese banks to obtain about 23 million US dollars. He plans on using this money to put in a bid for Sprint Nextel Corp thus having a major impact on the US market.

Though both companies are some of the largest and well known domestically, they are seeking foreign markets in large part due to their decline in profits at home because of a weakening economy. Rakuten Inc. and Softbank Corp. have different ambitions and approaches, both are highly depending on foreign markets for its growth in worth and power.


2 thoughts on “Two Large Japanese Corporations Announce their plan to become Multinational

  1. It will be interesting to see if these companies will have as much success in the global marketplace as they did domestically

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